I’m Bre, a mama whose had the desire to create a fashion forward, on-trend lifestyle brand since the 6th grade. I love chasing my three little wildflowers daily and creating new things. As of 1.22.21 we launched the start of our own line of womenswear exclusively designed by Timber & Wildflowers. We were blown away with the response! Our first collection featured South Dakota State University, which is where I attended college.  While attending SDSU I never found a sweatshirt that I loved & actually wore my dads old college sweatshirt because it was cool & unique! I knew something was missing in the market. Timber & Wildflowers has filled the void of on-trend collegiate womenswear. Moving forward you'll see many more on trend styles that highlight South Dakota as well as people, places, and things that make America great!
Additionally, I knew I wanted to use this business as a tool to make a difference. We are committed to donating to our local children's hospital, and donating a portion of our sales annually to the Tim Tebow Foundation, which fights against human trafficking and shares God’s love. 

“Life can be as tough as timber but also as beautiful as wildflowers. Keep chasing the wildflowers."


Timber & Wildflowers

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